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Pozar and Pozar Baths at the foot of Kaimaktsalan it is a destination in Pella in Macedonia and known to everyone as Pozar thermal baths or spas Pozar. In Pozar visitors find hotels, restaurants and taverns. Make your choice and Pozar will enjoy a stay will be unforgettable.

The Pozar is one of the most therapeutic spas in Greece, with many amenities and accommodations.

The waterfalls in Pozar, a large swimming pool with thermal water springs from the bowels of the earth, ancient Pozar to specific areas is indeed a miracle of nature. You will also find a number of new private Pozar which can be isolated to one or more hours to enjoy with your friends.

The area in Pozar has natural beauty and many options to make tourism activities ennallaktikou to see many sights to see beautiful areas around Loutraki and of course enjoy the local cuisine that includes dishes that keep Makedonitikes for centuries.


Starting with the Municipal District Promahi and after a journey through forest roads we reach the famous Forest Promahi the pentaveloni pine, a species unique in Europe, protected by the Ramsar convention. The Black Forest lies on the eastern slopes of the Vora and from the ski resort.


Mount Kaimaktsalan or Voras (the local name which means white mountain top) is the third largest ski mountain resort in Greece at an altitude of 2524 m. Kaimaktsalan rises along the Greek-ex - Yugoslav border, while the bulk of the Greek section belongs to prefecture of Pella. The term Kaimaktsalan and the ski center is an attraction for nature lovers and hikers, as well as thousands of skiers who visit the facilities of modern Voras Ski Center, while the national team and most ski schools start their preparation there. The Ski Center Vora-Kaimaktsalan is just 45 km from the beautiful city of Edessa and developed on the southeastern side of the mountain at an altitude of 2050-2480 meters. At the top of the mountain there is the beautiful chapel of Prophet Elias. Guests staying in Edessa can easily reach the wonderful ski resort and village Kaimaktsalan to enjoy the winter sport, skiing. Rich and rare vegetation in Voras KAIMAKTSALAN, which includes many flora species inaccessible in Greece and the wider Balkan region, supports a large number of fauna (birds, amphibians, reptiles), making the Vora and kaimaktsalan village habitat important for the ecological balance of the hole area. An unusual feature of Vora or kaimaktsalan area is the existence of small water lakes, even at very high altitude (sources Watchtower - Kremasis 2,400 m). Many nature loving and mountaineering clubs organize trips to kaimaktsalan Voras due to beautiful routes of outstanding natural beauty. One of the routes which is accessible to all walkers is leading to "Pema's Floros. The route starts from the junction of John OE (Naturalist Club Edessa) shelter in Voras Maintain and reaches across Pema wooded area with many waterfalls. The journey takes about 60 minutes to go and return. Also, in the area of the Ski Center Kaimaktsalan - Voras in the postition "Spastiras" is a forest road leading to the top of Xadanoko (altitude 1787). The route takes about an hour (shift-return). It is easy to approach Xdanooko area from the traditional village of Agios Athanasios through a beech forest. The same path leads higher, on top Piperitsa (altitude 1998) walking four hours long. From the area of Agios Athanassios passes even the international path E 4 / 6 leads to the area of Florina through beech forest and canyons. Total length of crossing five (5) hours.


Vegoritida lake is one of the largest and deepest lakes in the country, the limits of Pella, Florina and Kozani. It alpine lake type and tectonic origin. He is the recipient of a water catchment area of approximately 1,800 square kilometers.Probably came from prolimnaies karst subsidence during long geological subsidence of the past. Characteristics of the high degree of karstification, ie the creation of chemical erosion due to groundwater wells and the emergence of high infiltration rate of precipitation and underground storage.In Vegoritida recorded 11 fish species: the Tsironis, the back, the carp, the Tourna, tench and other enhancements are made regularly of the lake with fish, as compared to the volume it can accommodate more species. Visitors can enjoy boating, fishing, sailing, canoeing or kayaking, swimming and hiking.


The ancient city of Edessa was founded in 814 BC by King of Macedonia Karan. Built on the site "Logos", because the water offered ochyrotita and fertility. Oldest finds date back to Neolithic times, but there is more to the Bronze Age and especially iron. Today, after excavations can be seen the city walls, parts of buildings on the acropolis and lower town and cemeteries.

The most important monuments of the region are:

  • South Gate, which includes a circular courtyard inscribed in a rectangular tower.
  • The Memorial paved road that crosses the entire city. Surrounded by marble columns and built piers. In a column is written manumission inscriptions.
  • The walls of Edessa, the most preserved in Macedonia. Constructed around 300 BC Until now, survives to a height of 5 meters.
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